Luxe Valet App Eliminates the Headache of Finding a Parking Spot

Luxe Valet is an on-demand valet parking service.

When you need to drive somewhere where parking is tough, like pretty much any part of San Francisco, open up the app and tell it where you’ll be going. Then start driving. When you get to your destination, a valet will be waiting for you on the side of the road. He’s wearing a blue jacket bearing the Luxe logo, and he greets you by your name, so you know he’s legit.

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Be an Eco-Friendly Driver by Running you Car Efficiently

There is no denying that automobiles are essential part of our daily lives. We need them to get to work, drop children to school and buy groceries and other essentials. However, our vehicle dependency can be reduced. We have alternatives to driving and we can drive efficiently when we have to. Here are some of the ways we can reduce our dependence on cars.

Take Public Transportation or Telecommute: Of course, it’s convenient to get on your car and go whenever you want. But do you really need the car to get to work everyday? See about walking to the nearest subway or train station and take the public transportation to work. It will reduce the environmental impact of vehicle and maybe, you’ll get some exercise in the process.

That said, do you really need to go into the office daily? New cloud-based software makes it easy to work remotely. Do this once a week and you’ve cut your carbon footprint by 20 percent.

Consolidate Errands:  Millions of people run errands with their automobiles. We waste tons of money and time when we’re not resourceful. Be smart and consolidate your trips.

Look at how you can reduce car running costs with a little effort. Here are a few ways of spending less petrol to keep your wallet happy and reduce emission and air pollution.

Size Matters: Do you really need a 4×4 or a large SUV? Conventional sedans typically weigh less and are more efficient. Check out smaller engine capacity. Consider a diesel.

Service Your Car Regularly: When the vehicles are not looked after they burn more gas and create more emissions. Regularly scheduled maintenance saves fuel and prolongs the life of your vehicle. Seek out eco-friendly garages as well while you are at it. It is essential that dirty engine oil is disposed consciously and reused.

Drive Better: We are adults and certainly know how to drive.  But is that really the case? Studies show that we can easily reduce our fuel consumption 15% by changing the way we drive. There are a few handy apps drivers can download free that show you how you can improve driving skill and reduce fuel costs. Get one of them and see where you are going wrong.

Reduce Fuel Consumption: There are a few other ways of reducing your fuel consumption, too. Again they are not hard to adopt into your driving habits. And these small changes can really make a big difference to your wallet and the environment.

Here are some of the most well-known tips to reducing car fuel consumption;

  • Plan your journey ahead to avoid congestion zones and getting lost. Sitting idle in busy traffic burns a lot of gas.
  • Reduce useless weight on your vehicle and take down car racks if you don’t need them. Extra weight requires little bit more gas to run your automobile.
  • Try to drive at optimum speed. Did you know that you can save about 10% on fuel  costs if you drive at 60 mph instead of 70 mph?
  • Check your tire pressure regularly. Under inflated tires cost you more petrol.
  • Don’t rely too much on air conditioning.


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Hybrids Losing Their Competitive Edge

Gasoline-electric hybrids are losing their competitive edge over ther gasoline counterparts due to falling fuel prices and more efficient internal combustion engines, according to a five-year owner cost analysis by Vincentric.

The research firm studied the total cost of owning a hybrid, and found that 10 of the 31 hybrids included in the research were more cost-effective to own that their gasoline counterpart. The percentage of cost-effective hybrids has fallen to 32 percent from 39 percent in the 2013 study and 44 percent in the 2012 study.

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Cycling to work is ‘wheelie’ good fun

Here’s a post from from our friends in the UK:

Having fun on the way to work? Impossible! Or, perhaps not. While the idea of enjoying the commute to work may seem unfathomable to some, there are a surprising number of ways that you can put a smile on your face before you enter the office – and cycling to work is one of them.

Considering that cycling is the third most popular recreational activity in the UK, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to travel to work on two wheels rather than four. The Government’s supported cycle scheme for commuters has been a big help too – showing people how much they can save by choosing a greener transport method.

The scheme offers you savings of up to 42% when buying a new bike and helmet – that’s almost half price off a new, top-of-the-range bike! It also encourages you to get fit while you travel to work and operates alongside your employer to encourage you buy a new bike, pay it off over 12 to 18 months and hit the road! You will save money, lose weight and you o your bit for the environment – all whilst having fun!

How is cycling fun?

Cycling is fun for numerous reasons. Not only is it a great way to active but it also allows you to travel to work in a more leisurely manner. You won’t be staring in despair at the bumper of the car in front of you as traffic crawls down the road, you’ll be getting a glimpse of the natural surroundings around you whilst travelling quickly but safely along your journey.

As you’ll be exercising you can also expect to feel better – due to the release of endorphins – and may even gain increased confidence through weight loss. For example, if you weigh 10st then you can expect to burn off a whopping 635 calories during a one hour trip to work if you cycle! This could help you lose weight in the long-term, boosting self confidence and happiness.

Choosing the right bike

Before you grab your old bicycle and set out for work it is important that you make sure you have everything you need. Your old bike may not be up to the task so choose a bike that suits your needs. Consider where you work – in the city or in the countryside? Will you be driving on the road or on rough terrain? These factors will determine which bike you buy and there are always experts available in specialist bike stores to guide you and help you pick the perfect model.

You should also think about safety too – you will need lights, reflective gear and of course, a helmet so make sure you stock up on these items to enjoy stress-free travel to work that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable!
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Small Steps in Fuel Efficiency Lead to Great Leaps.

Better automatic transmissions. Small turbocharged engines. Fewer cylinders. Light-weighting. A smattering of diesels, electrics, hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Totally new vehicle types in company product lines. Car makers are doing everything they can think of to increase their Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards as mandated by Washington.

Don’t expect car companies to make giant strides in fuel economy, but each year with new model introductions, along with updates of existing vehicles, fuel economy will steadily improve – bit-by-bit.

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