Intelligent Headlights

Imagine car headlights made up of thousands of small cones of light instead of one broad fixed beam.  Now make these cones movable so you can direct them around in front of the car, say for example, away from oncoming traffic at night or around angles when your car is... read more

Tula Technology

Tula Technology, Inc. announces the completion of a new round of investment led by Delphi Automotive PLC, a leading global automotive supplier. The investment will be used to advance the continued development and commercialization of the company’s revolutionary,... read more

Chrysler’s Airflow

The Chrysler Airflow, widely considered the first streamlined car of the 1930s, nearly put Chrysler Corporation out of business.  The story involves Walter Chrysler with eyes so firmly fixed on the future that he essentially ignored what the consumer wanted. According... read more

VW Golf TDI Sets Record of 81 MPG

Volkswagen’s 2015 Golf TDI clean-diesel compact car reached 81.17 mpg on a trip across 48 states on its way to setting a Guinness World Records achievement for non-hybrid fuel economy. Drivers traveled 8,233.5 miles in 16 days and spent $294.98 on 101.43 gallons... read more

About the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The ultimate off-road vehicle – the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.  The Rubicon is simply the most serious off-road model that Jeep has ever made.  It’s designed to excel at just about any off-road adventure that you can imagine. The Rubicon is based on the... read more