Best Tools to Keep in Your Car

Here’s a shortlist of the essentials to help you avoid catastrophes and whack problems in the head when they inevitably intrude on your life It’s a cold, windy night and of course that’s when your car decides to malfunction. Are you prepared for... read more

Falling Temperatures, Falling Tire Pressure

Spring is here but don’t be fooled, those cold temperatures might be lowering your tire pressure behind your back Despite winter quickly receding, those of you living in Northern climates can still expect some nippy days ahead. While this mostly affects whether... read more

Home Grown Petroleum

Synthetic oil produced from microbes could be the long sought-after clean fuel of the future.  There are labs all over the world working on the genetic engineering of microbes to produce combustible fuel. It’s a bit surprising that this bioengineering initiative... read more

When You Are Driving in a Snowstorm…

4 easy tips on driving safely in the snow and ice during these last few groundhog-informed winter days  If you’ve ever been caught in a snowstorm while driving then you know it can be scary. Slippery snow and driving don’t seem to mix very well. However, truth be... read more