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Earthgarage is the place to learn how to make your car greener and save money. We’ve come up with a number of products and resources to help you improve fuel economy, save on typical car repairs and even use your car less

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How a 15-minute fix can boost fleet fuel economy

Maintaining a police fleet is expensive. Even after vehicles are purchased and configured, fuel and maintenance costs are a big money drain, and patrol cars see hard use under extreme conditions. Derive Efficiency offers modifications that customize engine settings to... read more

A Solar-Powered Tire Store Opens in Montana

Almost 60 years after the first L.P. Anderson tire store opened in Billings, Mont., the family-run business has opened its second location. The owners have invested $2.5 million to make the new L.P. Anderson Point S Tire and Auto Service a reality. Read full post... read more

Idling Is About To Go Extinct

Listen carefully next time you hear a car idling, it’s a sound that you may not hear much anymore. And that’s a good thing. More and more automakers are using engine stop-start systems to boost fuel efficiency. The system, which shuts down a vehicle’s engine at... read more

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