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>As we just posted to the Twitter feed, we recently met with the CEO of microGreen, Miles Flamenbaum. MicroGreen is the maker of an extended-life, high-performance, and super-efficient oil filter. While this might sound all wonky and techinical, we believe there is truly a geek in all of us. So here goes:

The microGreen oil filter works by having a secondary teflon-coated filter which, in addition to taking out the larger particles that most generic oil filters do, also takes out the small particles (between 2-5 microns) that get into the smallest nooks and crannies of the engine- such as between the piston and the cylinder wall, where tolerances are often, not coincidentally, between 2-5 microns. By filtering out those little bits and pieces that most other filters miss, the microGreen filter is able to significantly decrease the amount of friction in your engine. Getting rid of friction improves efficiency, acheiving the holy grail of engine engineering: improving both power and fuel economy.

“But having another obstruction in my engine creates backpressure, doing exactly the opposite as promised!” you say. Thankfully, the guys at microGreen know more about this stuff than the average gearhead. By having a high pore volume and by continuously filtering only a small amount, the microGreen filter is able to overcome these issues.

The microGreen filter is compatible with most vehicles currently on the road, and installs and removes just like a conventional filter. The company claims that a car utilizing the filter will be able to really go the distance, getting 30,000 miles between oil changes.

“But who cares about regular old motor oil? I only care about how gasoline affects the environment!” you say. Actually, motor oil refinement and eventual disposal is a singificant pollutant. By cutting back on the amount of times and how often you change your oil, you can not only save money but help out the planet, too.

MicroGreen has a savings calculator and even more information on their site. Once the full Earthgarage site is up and running, we hope to have it on as a featured product.