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>OK, so I couldn’t come up with a better word to go with “Diesel” and “Demand,” but that’s not the point. AutoblogGreen is reporting that Jetta TDi (that’s the one with the really efficient clean diesel engine) sales for May are up 1,500 units over April, and the pace looks to be maintained for June. Diesel sales now makes up 36% of the Jetta range.

Speclation is that the increase in sales might have something to do with the recent decrease in diesel prices, as compared to gasoline. The more intriguing thing, however, is that this may indicate that acceptance of diesel in the US is increasing, after over 30 years of the near-complete rejection of diesel by American consumers. Is low-sulpher fuel the best thing since sliced bread? Just maybe.

And just so we don’t look like shills for VW, here’s a Honda diesel ad that actually is a delight from a few years ago.