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FDP is a company intent on greening the world, full stop. While they carry a full line of brakes and brake parts, their new line of EcoStop parts promises to be the first line of green products in the industry. All of their products contain at least some recycled material, and some of them contain as much as 90% recycled material. The big thing to note, however, is that their brakes contain no copper, antimony, or lead. Lead everyone knows is bad, but copper? And what the heck is antimony? All of these elements can actually be found in break dust, that nefarious devil that can ruin your shiny chrome rims. Most people don’t worry about break dust, so it simply rinses off the next time you drive your car in the rain or you bring your car to a car wash. Unfortunately, that means more often than not the brake dust ends up going down the storm drain, where it can contaminate your water supply. Lead and copper are metals that wreak havoc on all living creatures, and antimony (which is used as heat insulation in brakes) is an element which has much of the same chemical properties and physical effects as arsenic. In case you’re forgetting, arsenic has been used as a historical assassin’s tool for thousands of years, and is thought to have killed Napoleon. So hats off to you, FDP, for saving lives where it counts.