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>Ok, so it wasn’t exactly hypermiling and it wasn’t exactly a hypercar, but the Lotus Elise SC is definitely a hard-edged sports car and they did avoid driving it with a lead foot.

The guys over at Popular Mechanics just finished a road test of the supercharged Lotus Elise SC, and the theme of the day was trying to get the most out of the little racer.

While not hypermiling (which can be crazy stuff like drafting behind trucks and switching off the ignition on the highway, which we do NOT recommend), they did remember to drive the speed limit and not to blast away from the lights. The result of all this responsible driving?

Almost 32 miles per gallon! That’s why we love the motto of the late Lotus founder Colin Chapman here at Earthgarage: build a car, then add lightness. The result is a ton of fun without a ton of emissions.

“The golden age of horsepower may be waning, but cars like the Lotus Elise prove there’s no reason speed and efficiency can’t happily coexist. Hybrids and alternative-fuel vehicles may lead the charge for next-gen technology, but lightweight construction and efficient design will always be a simple and effective way to dodge the stereotype of gas-guzzling sports cars.”