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>Those so-called “scientists” are at it again, what with their new-fangled technology.

A team of researchers at Syracuse University has found a way to turn diesel into a supercritical state just before entering the combustion chamber!!! Wowieeee!!!!!

Actually, unless you’re an engineer/physicist, that probably means nothing to you. Let us explain. “Supercritical” is a state of matter that enables things that are usually liquid, such as diesel fuel, to take on the properties of both a gas and a liquid when put under immense heat and pressure.

This still probably means nothing to you. The benefits, however, should mean a whole lot. Because the fuel/air mixture would burn more completely, it would have the benefits of both a gasoline and diesel engine with none of the downsides of each. In addition, it would increase efficiency by 80% and cut emissions by 20%.

And that sounds incredibly important to us.

Get the full technical scoop on the Supercritical engine over at Technology Review.