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>Can a parking garage really be green? I don’t think so, considering they are built to house cars. However, an article in USA today states that green is the new black in urban planning — even for parking garages – I suppose we shouldn’t poo poo the efforts which are designed to reduce runoff and carbon emissions. Some rooftops are planted with grass and other ornamentals and kiosks allow you to pay before you get in the car so you don’t have to idol your engine in line as you leave. Furthermore, parking garages near transit stations are key to allowing people in suburban areas to access more urban places served by public transportation. Again, an inherent flaw with the notion of green parking garages is that we are still planning and building suburbs around cars. If only we could create a comprehensive and efficient public transportation system in suburban areas to make cars (and parking garages) unnecessary. I know, I know, that would take away personal freedom, simplicity and pleasure but I survive just fine using public transportation in New York City. I feel perfectly free, simple and pleased.