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>Well, more like swamp juice. Algae is being touted as a possible alternative to petroleum. As an ExxonMobil commercial states, “People usually try to get rid of algae, we are growing it.” So is this too good to be true? Can we really trust flashy commercials from one of the largest oil companies in the world? What is in it for them? Is this really a solution to climate change and imported oil? Maybe, but we have to get there first. That is why Representative Brian Bilbray R-CA has earmarked $750,000 for the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology to develop renewable fuel from algae. As reported by the Union Tribune of Dan Diego, Bilbray says, “Basically, it’s to give algae production the incentive ethanol has been given for years in terms of tax benefits and research money. This is really not asking for special treatment, it’s just asking for equal access.” – Furthermore, biofuel production from Algae will not interfere with food production like corn based ethanol does. However, algal fuel is still in its early stages and large scale production (if possible at all) won’t be for many years. We need to be reducing our dependence on fossil fuels right now not just looking for fuel solution 10 or 20 years from now. How can we do that? Mandatory, substantial CO2 emissions limits across the board from the power and manufacturing sector to transportation. Copenhagen anyone? People and the corporations they run will not change until forced to. Sic swamp thing on them if need be.