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>Sometimes the long period between when a bill is passed in the US government and when it is enacted leaves those people and businesses being regulated able to cheat the system before the law affects them. You know what I mean if the interest rate on your credit card has recently jumped to 33% and your overdraft “protection” fees on your debit card have skyrocketed. However, a company called FRAS-LE which manufactures break pads among other automotive products is 22 years ahead of California’s restriction of the use of heavy metals and asbestos in break pads – Maybe all companies aren’t so bad? These new break pads contain no heavy metals and no asbestos so we can all drink and breath easily at night. What’s even better is that they are manufactured in a facility in Alabama and have increased their workforce by 5 times in the past few years. In an age of outsourcing, domestic manufacturing sounds kind of nice even if there are millions more looking for work in the aftermath of the financial collapse. Imagine that, green industries can create jobs!