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>The EPA and the Department of Transportation are looking to reduce carbon emissions by using different chemicals in the refrigerants of cars. Currently the chemicals CFC-12 and R-134a are used which contribute heavily to global warming but a new chemical 1234yf will be phased in over the next few years. 1234yf is a near “drop-in” replacement for the current chemicals which means refrigerant systems in cars will not have to be altered – Still, US automakers will not be using 1234yf until 2012 or beyond because of lax regulation. Not surprisingly, Europe is ahead of America on environmental issues and have upgraded the refrigerants used in cars because of stricter emissions standards. The one downside of 1234yf is that it is highly flammable. The combustion of 1234yf would be really, really hot in the worst kind of way. Even hotter than global warming.