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>I have a new found appreciation for Thomas Friedman after seeing him on the Rachel Maddow show about two weeks ago. His clarity and consistency of message is to be admired. His latest column again discusses Copenhagen, climate change and changing our consumption habits in America even when everyone else seems to have moved on to more important things like Tiger Woods and coverage of doorbuster sales for the holidays – I give him props for consistently pushing the message for a green tech revolution in this country to shift our dependance from (foreign) oil to renewable and greener forms of energy. As Friedman points out, too much money has been spent by lobbyists and corporations to keep us addicted to fossil fuel and too many politicians have personally profited from their efforts for real change to have occurred. Let us hope in the New Year that we can collectively clear our heads and get serious about being leaders of a green revolution which will create jobs, invest in the future and address climate change. May 2010 be more successful than Copenhagen!