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>Osram Sylvania announced it will be offering a new EcoBright high efficiency headlight bulb which could reduce the energy requirement of your car. EcoBright bulbs use 9 to 21 percent less energy and are 25 percent brighter than standard bulbs – Over the life of a pair of bulbs, drivers can save up to $19 in fuel costs and reduce a car’s carbon dioxide emissions 9 to 21 percent, or 13 to 107 pounds compared to standard bulbs. These may seem like small financial and environmental savings, but small acts add up. All Gore would be so proud! If only one percent of registered cars switched to EcoBright, 21 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions would be avoided annually. We could all breath a little easier, especially in places like New York where cars clog the streets and fill the air with toxic fumes. Fewer emissions, brighter lights, better city.