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For motorheads in the Tri-state area April is marked by two important event: the beginning of motorcycle season and the New York Auto Show. I fired up my bike and then I checked out the Javits Center.

In my opinion, one of this year’s most provocative vehicles wasn’t the exotic Spykers, Mercedes SLS AMGs or even those incredible Confederate motorcycles on display in the entrance. Instead, it was the Leaf, the $33,000 electric car (based on the Nissan Versa which starts at $10,710). To make the car more affordable there is a $7,500 tax rebate on the LEAF, bringing the total price into the $25,000 range. There is also an additional $1,100 tax credit for the $2,200 charging system. A bargain? Well, not yet.

The Nissan Versa has an annual fuel cost of $1,800, so even with its hefty tax credit and saving on gas, the Leaf wouldn’t offset the cost of its gas running counterpart for at least ten years. The Leaf only has a range of 100 miles per charge, which makes it an unlikely option for single car owning families that still enjoy the occasional road trip. All flaws aside, the Nissan Leaf is a step in the right direction of a zero emissions vehicle that is available for the American people.

The Leaf is expected to hit showrooms this fall.

Guest Blogger: Sam Rubicoff