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A new app for the iPhone may be the answer to Craigslist’s popular (and free) ride sharing page. The new app, Avego Shared Transport, allows drivers who commute alone to travel to and from their destinations together, beat the traffic and save gas by using the carpool lanes – Rush hour traffic congestion is a chronic problem in this country, especially near large metro areas and such congestion is a waste of time and fuel. Anything that eases congestion is a good thing. According to the DailyGreen website, traffic snarls cost the U.S. $87 billion each year, waste 2.8 billion gallons of gas and cause 3.7 billion hours of traffic delays. Carpooling could help mitigate these inefficiencies.

To avoid crazies that may be on the app network, there will be a rating system of fellow commuters to help you avoid a potential commuting serial killer. Phew!