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>Talk about sustainable energy — recharge your electric car with solar power. There are a handful of solar-powered charging stations around the world where drivers can juice up their EV vehicles, and one of them has just opened in New York City.

Solar power to recharge EV cars could be a game-changer, and especially this concept design, since it combines both solar power and recycling.

This solar-powered EV charging station is near the headquarters of Beautiful Earth Group, a sustainable energy company, on the Brooklyn waterfront. The solar power system is built out of old steel shipping containers, and entirely powered by state-of-the-art Sharp 235 watt photovoltaic panels.

The solar-powered EV charging station is being used to charge the plug-in electric MINI E being tested by Beautiful Earth Group. There are about 500 electric MINI E vehicles, but this is the only one to run exclusively on solar power.

Guest Blogger: Evelyn Kanter