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The EV Island looks like some kind of futuristic streetlight, and oddly that’s not far from the truth. The EV Island is a electric/hybrid charging system. A 23 ft. pole hooked into the electric grid with a charging station, and either a wind turbine, solar panel array, or both. The charging station is a ChargePoint CT2100 EV Charger 120v and 240v Dual Port “Smartlet” made by Coulomb Technologies, which has integrated ChargePoint Network access. Customers create an account online and access it from any of these charging stations with a ChargePoint card.

The EV Island will use renewable sources of energy to offset the electricity drawn from the grid. More and more electric vehicles are scheduled to hit the road in the next few years, and support infrastructure will need to grow. Hopefully, the EV Island will support this growth.

Check out the EV Island website here.