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Someday, you may never have to change your oil. Imagine that? No hassle every five thousand miles, less consumption of petroleum products, and a greener vehicle.

Electro-Lube Refiners are currently only available for fleet vehicles. Constant use and heavy wear mean fleet managers need every advantage they can get, and the number of vehicles in a fleet multiplies any advantage. Electro-Lube relies on this to stay economically viable. Making it a sound investment for fleets, not individuals. However, many technologies started out this way, and in time, the price dropped, the technology improved, and they eventually reached the general public.

Motor oil never wears out, it only loses additives, gains impurities such dirt, water, fuel, and other contaminates. Electro-Lube manufactures what is basically a mini refinery, and installs it in a vehicle. The refiner vastly improves the purity of the oil (removing the contaminates), which is why you don’t have to change the oil. But all this is only a future possibility for the individual car owner.

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