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Greenfrastructure (my combination of green and infrastructure) is an area with a lot of activity recently. The ParkGreen by AAbast Energia (

The ParkGreen Parking Lot

A concept called a micro park by Sara Ruzomberka and Tiffany Jimene.

Micro Park

  The Ev Island which we covered in an earlier post.

EV Island

Or going in the opposite direction, areas previously devoted to transportation have been converted into green spaces. Like High Line Park in Manhattan. (

High Line Park.

The first electric car charging station was opened at a private parking lot earlier this month and plans were made to open 100 more by September 2011. The City of New York currently uses 10 electric vehicles, and plans to add another 40 for its park and transportation departments. (

New York is an ideal place to start the transition to electric vehicles, as most city drivers go no more than 40 miles a day. The spread of electric vehicles outside of the city poses problems. Viable electric vehicles require charging infrastructure because many people feel anxious about the reduced range. The project in New York, happily, takes a step towards the solution of that problem.