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>Yes, Canada. Washington state has a plan, and that plan is to build electric vehicle charging stations. By this fall the State of Washington plans to turn a 275 mile section of Interstate 5 (runs from Oregon to Canada) into an electric-highway. In time to meet the next generation of electric vehicles being released later this year.

Sign Posts for the stations might look something like this. (

With a $1.32 million federal grant it plans to build both level-2 charging stations and level-3 stations (in partnership with private firms for the latter). Level-3 charging stations mean that it will only take about 30 minutes to recharge an electric vehicle’s battery to 80%. The maximum between each of the level-3 stations is set at 80 miles apart, and with the level-2 stations also available, most electric-vehicles should always be within range of a charging station. That would be a big step in reducing “range anxiety,” a key barrier for wider acceptance of EV’s.