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>Looking for a ways to save money and go green now? Well here are three apps for the iPhone (or smart-phone) you can download and use anywhere, anytime, to make your car greener and your wallet fatter.

1. GasBag

This iPhone app lets you find the cheapest gas nearest you. It tracks gas prices and delivers real time updates to your phone. It also has a log book to help you keep track of time, location, and current mileage at each fill-up.

2. EcoDriverEd

Learn how to drive greener. Green driving techniques can significantly improve fuel economy, reduce CO2 emissions, and save you money at the pump. This app teaches you those techniques using real-time training programs and feedback to help you adjust while driving.

3. PrimoSpot

If you are ever in the New York City or Boston metro areas, this app is invaluable. Like many geo-based apps, it figures out your location and let’s you know where and when it’s OK to park on the street. PrimoSpot also lists parking garages and includes rates, so you can get the best deal. Stop driving around aimlessly wasting gas and money. Use this app to search intelligently and find a parking spot quickly.

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