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>Ever consider ditching the morning commute and telecommuting on the information superhighway? No more wasting all that time, gas, and money, sitting in traffic on the way to work each week. Not to mention the reduction in C02 emissions. Spending every day at home might not work for you, but cutting out a few days or even just one a week can help a lot, and telecommuting isn’t the hassle it once was. New advances in technology make it much easier to communicate with each other than ever before.

Applications like dimdim let you host online meetings, share documents, web pages, audio, video, whiteboards…All on a web browser.

Others like tinychat give you an extremely simple audio/visual chat system, which works on any operating system as long as you can access a web browser.

Cisco’s WebEx allows you to share desktops in real-time, and combines it with a phone conferencing system. Everyone can see and hear the same thing at the same time. Powerful tools like these can reduce the need to go to the office everyday, and save you time, stress, and money. Consider telecommuting instead of driving.