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>Need an easy way to keep track of your car’s performance and fuel costs? Want to know how your car measures up to other vehicles? If the answer was “yes,” then check out It is a free application with a few very useful features. It can track and calculate gas mileage. It has the ability to track multiple vehicles. Plus, it has a comprehensive online database and flexible reporting system. Android App

    Users add information in three different ways – by text message, through the website or through a mobile phone (pictured left). Simply add information after each fill-up, which includes distance (either the odometer reading or the trip meter reading), gallons, price per gallon, location, and any notes the user may want to add.

      The feature that allows you to compare cars with other users will become more useful as their online community grows. Still, if you want to record and track your car’s efficiency, this application is worth a try.

      Visit for other ways to make your car greener and wallet fatter.