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>Everyone has a carbon footprint, not just corporations and car owners. If you’ve ever wondered what size footprint you leave, or how to shrink it, then take a look at these iphone apps.

Commute Greener

Commute Greener will help you track the CO2 cost of your commute, and let you set carbon reduction goals. It also provides an online community feature, and the ability to compare your carbon footprint from day to day, or week to week.


Ecorio has a simple and easy user interface, making it a breeze to track your carbon footprint. Ecorio even finds the most efficient route for your trips using Google Transit. Plus it offers the option to purchase carbon offsets directly.

Carbon Tracker

Carbon Tracker lets you manage your carbon footprint. It keeps track of each trip’s carbon cost, and allows you to set a desired maximum footprint. It also provides a graph of carbon usage to help you keep track of yourself over time.

These apps present a useful way to take personal responsibility for your own part in climate change, and to live a greener life. Having concrete goals can make all the difference between maintaining a green lifestyle, and falling back into old habits.