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AT&T has just added more than one dozen 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid cars in Tulsa and other Oklahoma cities.  It’s the latest step in the company’s ten-year plan to replace more than 15,000 vehicles in its nationwide fleet to alternative fuel models including hybrids and CNG powered vehicles.
AT&T plans to spend about $565 million on the project to switch its fleet to fuel efficient vehicles. They can afford it – AAT&T is raking in giant pots of money as the only mobile phone company currently providing service for the super-hot iPhone.
The company currently has a fleet of more than thirty CNG-powered vans operating in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and plans to increase that to  8,000 CNG vehicles nationwide over a five-year span, at an anticipated cost of $350 million.
Another company, Frito-Lay, is trying out plug-in electric delivery trucks in Canada.
Guest Blogger: Evelyn Kanter