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Hybrids and EV’s offer a great promise in a future of green driving. All along this road, the biggest challenge has been – the batteries.

How do you get them to last? How do you deal with extending the range? How can you accelerate and decelerate without using too much energy? To answer to these and other gripes, AFS Trinity Power, a company based in Washington state, presents the Extreme Hybrid Storage System.

The system combines a typical battery with a device called an ultra-capacitor. Batteries store lots of energy but are slow to deliver it. Capacitors, on the other hand, can release great amounts of power very quickly. The capacitor easily handles changes in acceleration, placing less stress on the battery and extending its life.

It also allows for a smaller and less expensive battery. AFS Trinity estimates that the Extreme Hybrid Storage System would cost about half of a regular plug-in battery pack.

The cost is expected to be thousands of dollars lower than battery-only systems. Plus, extended range and longer battery life – the rewards for drivers are sweet.