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Thousands of buses run on natural gas. Now your car can, too.

Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC , Reno, NV, has developed a process called ClearRefining – petroleum is refined with methane produced from natural gas. When the two are mixed, the petroleum molecules absorb the methane and then expand. The result is more fuel for less money and cleaner emissions. It’s one of the first serious breakthroughs in the fuel industry for decades.

There are three ClearRefining products: GDiesel, GPetrol and GJet. So far, the big star of the company has been GDiesel. Aside from cleaner emissions, customers have appreciated its lack of smoke, odor, color and cold weather durability. Even better, it requires absolutely no changes to your car or engine and runs though standard fuel pumps.

The company said, “The ability to refine clean liquid motor and industrial fuels without emissions will… significantly impact traditional refinery and large industrial operations, potentially allowing for increased production without jeopardizing air quality and generation of emissions credits.”

Pretty big goals. But I think they had us at less money, more fuel.