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Twenty-four million children ride the school bus every day. But they might not be as safe as parents think. Many of the diesel-fueled buses pollute the air with large amounts of harmful particulates. Diesel fuel pollution can cause health problems ranging from minor headaches to lung disease.
In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency launched the Clean School Bus USA Act. Their goal: to upgrade all school buses to low-emission engines. But diesel fuel powers a lot more than just buses; more needs to be done if we want to curb the problem.
Lucky for us, top technology companies are on the job.
Pirelli Eco Technology offers an emulsion of diesel fuel, water and additives called Gecam white diesel. It reduces the amount of diesel particulate matter by more than 50%. Gecam can be used in buses, coaches and other industrial vehicles as well as diesel-powered heating systems.
For smaller vehicles they’ve got the Feelpure DPF system. A silicon carbide filter keeps particulates from escaping into the air, reducing particulate matter by a whopping 90%. No special diesel fuel is needed for the system.
Diesel has always been known for its fuel economy, efficiency and durability. With Gecam and Feelpure you can keep these benefits without the nasty side effects. Bye bye headache.