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When you’re cruising on your long-board through Philadelphia’s skinny streets, it’s easy to admire the lack of traffic. Thanks, in part, to a local not-for-profit called, PhillyCarShare, Philadelphians have enjoyed less cars on the road and less pollution in their air.
PhillyCarShare was created by a group of volunteers who had this crazy idea that people didn’t need to own or overuse cars, as long as low-emission vehicles were available 24/7. According to their website, “Members, after joining, report driving 53% fewer miles, consuming nearly one million fewer gallons of gas, owning 8,000 fewer vehicles, and saving $33 million annually – money that gets reinvested largely into Philadelphia’s local economy.” Wow. A vehicle at your disposal but never a burden!
U.S. cities from New York to San Francisco have seen car share nonprofits sprout up wildly in the past decade. Programs like these drastically change the atmosphere of a city in a smart, eco-friendly way. It helps you and your community out in more ways than one.