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>Earthgarage spoke with Sunil Paul, CEO and founder of Spride Share, a new peer-to-peer car sharing service that allows car owners share their car with other drivers when it’s not being used. Spride Share will soon be in pilot phase in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What made you come up with your program?   
We wanted to help drivers offset operating costs of their vehicle. It’s also good for the environment.  Cars sharing can reduce the use of up to 15 other vehicles.  Car sharing might even work better in a suburban environment – more cars, places to part. The big issue is insurance.

What happened?
Landmark legislation was recently passed in California. It dealt with the car insurance rules that make peer-to-peer car sharing practical.

What’s the future of car sharing? 
As the car sharing market evolves, peer-to-peer car sharing might be the norm for car sharing programs.