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1,526.63 miles. A single tank of fuel. A new world record. That is what Gavin Conway, a journalist for the UK Sunday Times, achieved after a three day drive from Maidstone, Kent, to the south of France in Volkswagen’s Passat BlueMotion.

At an average speed of just over 45 mph, the Passat traveled an equivalent distance from Los Angeles to Kansas City, Missouri with out having to refuel once. A navigator and a video crew accompanied Conway’s three-day trip as two patrolmen from Britain’s Automobile Association, verified the world record, followed them.

The Volkswagen’s BlueMotion trade name is used to emphasis vehicles with higher fuel efficiency, and this world record proves the German manufacturer is serious. The new Passat has optimized aerodynamics through rocker panel extensions, a deeper front air-dam and special alloy wheels, complimenting its 1.6-liter common rail TDI four-cylinder diesel engine. According to the press release, “The Passat BlueMotion’s fuel tank was drained before the record breaking journey and filled with 77.25 litres of standard forecourt diesel, resulting in an overall fuel consumption of 89.83 miles per gallon.”

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