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Ever wonder why anyone would pay for water, a natural resource? Well, electricity is a natural resource too, and in Connecticut, it’s free. The Green Garage Associates of Connecticut are now offering free EV charging stations in public parking lots.

While the consumer may enjoy a free charge during their trip to the farmers market or hair salon, the charging stations won’t be free for the parking lot owners. The company is offering their custom designed Juice Bar EV charging stations to tempt electric drivers away from high-rise parking lots. Lot owners would receive a “green certification” said Mark Martin, the owner of Green Garage Associates and the construction of the charging stations would be paid for by government grants.

These charging stations have been installed in several locations in Cambridge, MA and New Haven, CT and soon plan on expanding to San Francisco and Denver. There a several companies improving the way electric and hybrids can charge at home, or on location, check them out here!