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One of entries in 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge for 1,000 lb car.
Photo: 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

Each year, the Los Angeles Auto Show stages a design challenge for a concept car that will take us to the future of personal mobility.  This year, the challenge is for designers to create an lightweight four-passenger vehicle of no more than 1,000 lbs.  Plus, it has to be comfortable, safe, and deliver good driving performance.

Entries range from vehicles made from organic materials and powered by compressed air, to futuristic models relying on high-tech components.

This year, for the first time Mercedes-Benz studios from Germany and Japan are joining the competition.   Mercedes joins  2010 Design Challenge entries, which include —

General Motors Advanced Design California — showing the Cadillac Aera coupe, with a driving range of 1,000 miles on alternative fuel.

Honda Advanced Design Studio, Pasadena — showing the Honda Air concept vehicle, powered by compressed air and a pneumatic regulator system.

The winning design will be announced during the press preview days of the LA Auto Show, on November 18th.  I’ll be there, and will be reporting back about this and other green car introductions.

Guest Blogger: Evelyn Kanter