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>We went to the SEMA show in Las Vegas and discovered a new product that makes a lot of sense – it’s called VR-12 launched by Freezetone® Products, USA.  VR-12 is an environmentally safe vehicle monthly maintenance solution for radiators and the cooling system of your vehicle. 

It’s like a monthly vitamin for cooling systems meant to enhance coolant performance, and protect radiators and cooling components from rust and corrosion. A special formula keeps vehicles running at peak performance while virtually eliminating the need for flushing and the replacement of expensive coolant fluids.

“VR-12 is designed to take care of your vehicle and save money while saving the environment. It helps conserve resources because it can re-energize your antifreeze and boost your cooling system,” says Luis Latour, President of Freezetone., the maker of V-12.

It can also be used with any type, color, or brand of anti-freeze/coolant. More efficient radiators and cooling systems mean better vehicle performance and less waste. A good thing for both your wallet and the environment.

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