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What happens when you combine the “world’s leader in commercial electric vehicles” and the world’s largest office supplies store? Lots of No. 2 pencils. And, 41 new Smith Electric Vehicles for Staple’s fleet.

Part of a plan to improve fleet fuel economy 40% by 2015, Staples will run the new trucks in high-density urban areas of California, Missouri and Ohio. They have already seen a 30% improvement since 2006 and hope this latest effort will push them further towards their goal, “Over time, we’ll look to increase the number of these (electric) trucks in the Staples fleet as an effective way to service our delivery customers while reducing our carbon emissions,” says fleet equipment manager Mike Payette.

Smith vehicles are extremely efficient for delivery purposes, and are the only all-electric trucks offered on the GSA schedule. They have a range of 50-120 miles per charge – which is enough to cover most urban routes – and a top speed of 55 mph.

Smith Electric’s other heavy-hitting customers include Frito-Lay’s, Coca-Cola and AT&T. Sure, we can talk trash about big business, but at least they’re going green. As we sip on our Coke Zero’s, we can all take solace knowing that it got to us totally emission-free.