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It is no secret that the winter weather season is the toughest on your vehicles, particularly if you live in an area where snow and sleet are common every year. One of the keys to maintaining your car during the winter is knowing how to handle the effects of cold temperatures and vicious weather like sleet, freezing rain and the like on your vehicles. Here are some tips for maintaining your car in the winter:

– Before the weather becomes too cold, check the inflation of your tires. Under-inflated tires are much harder to deal with when the weather gets cold and you want to make sure that your car doesn’t have any issues with water leakage during a cold winter’s night. This will insure that your tires will have as few traction issues as possible.

– You don’t want any corrosion in your engine at all, never mind what season it is. Use an engine treatment like Boron CLS Bond MotorSilk to ensure that any corrosion issues are dealt with during the rough weather of the winter months.

– Don’t forget about your car battery, which can be hit the hardest by cold weather and winter conditions. Before the winter really kicks into gear, check the age of your battery and if it’s close to the 2 year mark, just invest in a brand new one.

– If you live in a particularly cold area and don’t use your car that often, turn it on for 10 minutes every days to ensure that the battery isn’t freezing up and also to warm up your car so that it doesn’t become stagnant and inoperable in the cold.

– Make sure that if you are going to park your car for a while, always have the gas tank filled on a regular basis. If your gas tank cracks due to a low level of gas, the costs can be devastating to your wallet.