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Electric and hybrid vehicles seem to dominate environmental headlines, but the venerable gas internal combustion engines still makes sense for drivers who are looking for a better fuel economy. Improvements such as direct fuel injection, a process in which a measured amount of fuel is squirted into the cylinders, allows for reduced engine displacement and no performance loss.

Ford has their 2-Liter Ecoboost internal combustion engine, which will be shipping out with the 2011 Explorer. Compared to previous models, the new engine has 27 more horsepower and a 30 percent rise in fuel economy. Using the Ecoboost in the city, the engine will use up one gallon for every 18 miles, 26 on the highway. Not too bad for 100 year old technology.

Other manufacturers have their own gas-powered internal combustion engines. Newer models, made of light aluminum, have produced greater fuel economy and performance.  They also cost far less than diesels, hybrids and of course electric cars. This might be worth a trip to the showroom.