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The team at has released the Perfect 10 Automotive Holiday Gift List for the eco-minded consumer.

“When we considered the hundreds of items that are currently on the market, the main criteria for being part of the Earthgarage Team Gift List was that the product would make a car greener, it would be widely available to the public and it ultimately would save the consumer money,” stated Bob Leonard, CEO of Green Automotive Alliance and founder of “After looking at products for the last few months, these products offer simple but meaningful ways to make a difference while having a positive impact on the environment.”’s Perfect 10 Automotive Holiday Gift List

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1. TripleEdge Green Silicone Wiper Blades: These wiper blades last a lot longer than regular blades and they’re not petroleum based – ordinary rubber blades require 8 pounds of crude oil to make 1 pound of rubber. Silicone wipers conserve natural resources, save energy, and reduce the amount of landfill space used each year.

2. Fuel Doctor: Electrical systems degrade over time which effects gas mileage. The Fuel Doctor is a clever device that deals with the electrical system in older vehicles and helps improves gas mileage.

3. CarMD: A well maintained car is a greener car. The award-winning CarMD® Vehicle Health System helps drivers monitor their car for hidden problems, catch emissions-related issues, diagnose check engine light warnings and more.

4. Accutire Tire Gauge: An affordable tire pressure gauge with a digital readout that helps keep tires properly inflated to ensure better fuel economy, longer tire life and safer driving.

5. Car Planet Cleaning Products: These cleaning products are eco-friendly with no impact on our delicate ecosystem.

6. PLX Kiwi: Kiwi is a dashboard-mounted device that optimizes driving behavior with 20 built-in lessons. The goal is to obtain the highest “Kiwi Score” by optimizing four key elements in driving behavior (smoothness, drag, acceleration and deceleration).

7. E3 Spark Plugs: E3 spark plugs advanced DiamondFire design translates into increased power output, fuel economy and reduced emissions in gasoline engines.

8. EcoEssential Floormats: These floor mats are made from recycled materials and avoids materials like plastic which is made from petrochemicals, and reduces the amount of waste deposited into landfill.

9. Ecometer: Since most cars don’t have a fuel economy gauge, the Ecometer visually monitors how driving style impacts their vehicles fuel economy performance and will help the eco-minded consumer keep an eye on MPGs.

10. MotorSilk: This is a crankcase additive that reduces surface friction and wear, resulting in the extended life of the fluid system while reducing fuel consumption.