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>Maybe not yet-but it certainly is a safer, more efficient driver than you.

Just like everything else these days, iPhone Apps for your car are popping up all over the place. The DriveGain App, $6.99, boasts that it pays for itself in just two weeks in terms of gas saved. The DriveGain uses GPS and information about the make and model of your car to determine how fast you are going, how much CO2 you are emitting, and how much money you are wasting on gas. It seeks to change poor driving habits by making drivers conscious of times when they are driving inefficiently, and suggesting better ways to drive. It claims to reduce your CO2 emissions by 660kg/year, and save you $205/year in gas money. It’s hard to say no to.

Even harder to say no to is Car Economy; a sister App of sorts to DriveGain – except it’s free. Car Economy displays your estimated fuel economy as you drive using the same methods as DriveGain, with many of the same goals.

And what about safety? The Slow Down App has come up with an ingenious way to prompt speeders to take it easy. It connects to your music library, so that when you play music through your phone while driving it has control over the speed of your song. As soon as you start going over the speed limit, again determined by GPS, the song slows down- go ten miles over and it stops altogether. As soon as you slow down, the song comes back on and returns to normal speed as you approach the speed limit.

And to think, when I learned to drive (all of four years ago) my mother was worried about be blasting music in the car.