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I love to drive, but when it comes to car maintenance, I can’t do much more than keep my tires pressurized. So when I go to my auto mechanic, I don’t even know where to begin asking about how to make my car greener.

Luckily for car illiterate people like myself, there is still hope for driving a more sustainable vehicle. The people at Green Garage are making it easy for customers to be environmentally friendly while saving time and money. Green Garage performs auto maintenance and repair using over 50 eco-friendly products that increase both longevity and fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump and reducing the frequency of expensive part replacements.

Plus, by offering vehicle pick-up and drop-off before and after maintenance, Green Garage makes keeping your car in good condition easier and more convenient than ever.

Green Garage currently only has two locations in Colorado, but they are looking to expand. In the meantime, there are over a hundred green driving products from tires and additives to spark plugs and GPS devices available on All of these products can be easily installed by yourself or a local auto mechanic, and are designed to help make your wallet fatter and the planet greener.