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>The California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted a regulation that requires California’s automotive maintenance industry to check the tire pressure of every vehicle they service.

About 38% of vehicles on the road in California today have severely under inflated tires, six pounds under manufacturer’s recommendations. Underinflated tires not not only reduce a vehicle’s handling capabilities but can cause irreparable tire damage, reduce tread life and kill fuel economy.

CARB estimates that this measure will save the typical Californian $12 per year in fuel and tire costs, make drivers safer, and will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Now most of us don’t live in California, but we don’t need a state law to start saving money today. Beyond just keeping our tires fully inflated, there are a number of tire accessories, particularly nitrogen inflation, available through the website that will help increase both fuel economy and extend the life of your tires.