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The CARB mandate regulating tire pressure seems fairly uncontroversial. The benefits of well-inflated tires are many, and the harm is, well, none.

But this all-together wise and sound mandate is rubbing some people the wrong way. And by some people, I mean the Tire Industry Association (TIA). Paul Fiore, TIA Director of Government and Business Relations, declared the CARB regulations “overreaching and burdensome.”

If it seems odd that the TIA is against a mandate that helps tires to function with greater efficiency and safety, it’s because it is odd. Fiore believes the new mandate places too much pressure and accountability on the tire industry, but shouldn’t we pressure the tire industry to support and promotion well-functioning tires?

It makes one wonder what the TIA’s gripe is actually about.

Money, perhaps? The ideal of a totally unregulated market, perhaps? What it definitely is not about is us – the customer – and our safety and well-being.