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Fuel Infusion red at the annual
Fuel Infusion recently exhibited at the annual Utah Green Conference in Sandy, UT. In addition to the trade show, the conference offered various classes and certifications related to green business practices. The conference attracted over 1,800 attendees and is the fastest growing trade show in Utah.

The team at Fuel Infusion met with many businesses about using Fuel Infusion in their fleet vehicles to help reduce their fuel costs and to improve the local air quality. Fuel Infusion is committed to reducing the amount of harmful green house gas emissions generated by cars and trucks.

“Consumers and businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious. Gas is going up. They realize that being green also means saving money,” said Aaron Dalley, VP Marketing at Fuel Infusion. “We offer a simple and easy to save on fuel costs while reducing harmful vehicle emissions.”

Fuel Infusion is available at Use Promo Code “earthgarage” for a 25% discount. 100% money back guarantee.