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Getaround Inc is another step up for green transportation and carsharing.

Getaround is a peer-to-peer carsharing service. Launched in San Francisco in early 2010, its goal is to enable sharing of the millions of underutilized personal vehicles in the U.S.

Unlike traditional carsharing companies, it saves on the overhead cost of buying a fleet of cars and has the potential to expand beyond the confines of cities and into college campuses and the suburbs.

It offers all the promises of carsharing: fewer cars on the road with a shift to transit, biking and walking (each carsharing vehicle removes between 6 to 23 cars from the road), which also means reduced need for parking space, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 40% and lowering overall vehicle miles traveled by 44% . It also provides mobility options to lower income groups and college students with its cost saving benefit based on per hour usage.

As a car owner or renter, what’s in it for you?

As an owner, you actually get paid for sharing your underutilized car with known people you trust and at your discretion. Getaround’s two-way feedback and screening process ensures the reliability of the car as well as the renter. You get to set your price and conditions for renting. Getaround’s master insurance policy becomes your primary policy throughout the rental period (it replaces your personal auto insurance). This means all rent-related claims are 100% handled by Getaround. Last but not the least, gas is the renter’s responsibility.

As a renter, you can instantly choose from a range of available cars just walking distance away, without having to stand in line, do any paperwork or meet the car owner. This is done through Getaround’s iPhone application which connects with a device installed in the owner’s car. Renting a car on average is between $6.00 to $8.00 per hour and there is no monthly fee. Getaround’s primary insurance policy is comprehensive and offers coverage for liability, collision and theft.

This seems like a win-win for the car owner, renter and the planet.