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>If traffic jams, auto fumes, parking hassles, gas hikes, auto insurance and car maintenance are not some of your favorite things, the electric bicycle or e-bike could be. With its motor, an e-bike offers all the perks of regular cycling (like exercise), with the added advantage of a sweat- free ride uphill if you like. This makes it an attraction to a range of bike riders – from office goers to the aging population.

But what else makes it the cleanest, most energy efficient mode of powered transport today? Consider this – the amount of energy and resources used in manufacturing a two ton car as compared to a 50 pound e-bike. Also according to the U.S. Department of transportation 75% of car trips is less than 10 miles and are often taken alone. This makes e-bikes convenient for those short-haul errands or even your trips to work and it certainly saves on your gas money as well as the wear and tear on your car. You don’t need a second car if you have an e-bike.

Pietzo LLC in Massachusetts is a hybrid electric bicycle company, founded in 2009. Its bikes which range from $999 to $1,799 come in three modes – manual, peddle assist (powers your pedaling) and power throttle (moves you forward without pedaling). These bikes run on recyclable lithium-ion batteries. They are removable and plug into any electrical outlet for 6-8 hours of charging. Each battery typically lasts for about 20,000 miles and up to four years if charged thrice a week. On an average, they give you 20 mph on a five cent charge as compared to the 20 miles per gallon a car gives. These versatile light weight bikes are not only designed for all kinds of terrain and weather, but are built to maneuver through heavy traffic, fit into conventional bike racks, store easily, some can even be folded and the Pietzo Voyage’s step-through design accommodates riders short and tall.

These e-bikes are a feasible option not only in traffic jams, but also within corporate or university campuses where multiple stops can be made without burning fuel. Specializing in fleet solutions, Pietzo caters to corporates, university campuses and government bodies with their comprehensive support program and training. In further doing their bit for the environment, Pietzo has also partnered with NuRide – the nation’s largest rewards program for individuals who take greener trips like carpooling, biking, walking and taking public transportation.

So what is your transport solution? To e-bike or not to e-bike – that is the question.