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Ireland, already known for it’s green advances, offers a new way to get around Dublin while relieving your environmental conscious. The Eco Cab, a foot peddled cab that is focused on reducing congestion in Dublin’s center, has a fantastic way of getting customers: its free. Their tag line, “emission free and free of charge,” says it all. If going green isn’t enough of a reason to get people to switch to environmentally friendly transportation, then offering people a free ride sure as hell is. The cabs are peddled by “riders” who routinely cycle through heavily trafficked areas. Another bonus of the Eco Cab is offering jobs that promote a sustainable lifestyle not only to its customers but also to its employees.
While the Eco Cab is located solely in Dublin, similar concepts-although rarely free-are popping up in major cities everywhere. Eco Cab is one of the first to rely completely on sponsors so they can offer free rides, but the concept can catch on anywhere. Advertising space is valuable in any city, and any company would be smart to capitalize on getting on their customers good side in such an easy way.
So keep thinking like Eco Cab: emission free, and free in any other way possible!

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