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We may be able to find good deals for items we need, but some commodities such as gasoline don’t tend to be discounted. Gas prices have been skyrocketing. For many Americans commuting daily, filling up is a necessity. With so many different gas stations to choice from, I for one find myself questioning which station will give me the best bang for my buck. and are two websites that are designed specifically to help us find where we can get the best deals on gas. Both of these sites allow users to search for their area’s local gas stations. The sites provide prices for regular, midgrade, premium and diesel fuel for each station listed. For each station, it also provides the address and GoogleMaps link for drivers to find stations easily. The sites give nationwide information regarding rising/lowering gas prices and give stats about each state’s gas prices.

So how do these sites get all their information? From us. What likes to call spotters, these web sites get their information from people spotting the changing gas prices at stations and entering it into the sites. If you become a “spotter” for either site, you can compete for points (from how many price changes you spot) and be eligible for various prizes.

If you happen to be either an Android or iPhone user, has its own app that allow users to search for cheap gas. is expected to have apps out by August.

With all this helpful information at our fingertips, there’s no reason not to be on the hunt for cheaper gas.

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