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Through the “Taxi of Tomorrow” project, New York City’s Taxis are getting a green renewal-we hope. Three new prototypes – the Ford Transit Connect, the Nissan NV200 (pictured right) and the Karsan – can all be viewed on the Taxi of Tomorrow Website. These taxis certainly look the part, but a lack of information about just how ‘green’ they are is making some environmentalists anxious that this is less of a step in the right direction and more greenwashing than the project would like to let on. According to one report by the Gotham Gazette, the conversion of New York’s taxi fleet to one of these models could actually be less efficient than the current taxis in use. The Ford Escape, a hybrid currently in use in the city (pictured below), might actually be more efficient than the proposed taxis.

Not to mention that the chosen vehicle will not be introduced onto the streets until 2014 at the earliest. While this project has the right intentions, it seems to need a

few tweaks before it can be put into public use. Going forward with a project like this without fully considering the possible complications could be detrimental to the cities welfare. Being environmentally conscious should go hand-in-hand with a sense of responsibility. Progress for progresses sake is what got us into this mess; what we need instead is responsible progress. Progress for the sake of the people, just like we need clean taxis for the sake of the people.

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