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>If you have yet to stumble onto the EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide, I highly suggest you do so. Have you ever wondered how “green” your car is? Or maybe how your car ranks measuring air pollution, it’s fuel economy, and greenhouse gas emissions? Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a new car and want to compare stats on how eco friendly the cars are? This site is a great place to do all of these things.

The EPA’s guide allows users to search for the exact vehicle they want to learn about. Punch in your car’s year, make and model and the guide gives you information such as type of engine, fuel, transmission and more. The guide ranks your car on air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions on a ten point scale. It shows your car’s average fuel economy and if it is classified as a SmartWay vehicle (vehicles that have scored in the top 20% in the guides rankings). You can also compare up to three cars against each other.

There are loads of other great pages to explore such as the new fuel economy labels, which the EPA is revising for all new cars. The site also offers car maintenance tips and easy ways to increase fuel economy.

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