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Gas prices are going up, up, up. $4.00/gallon for regular in most of the country.

Not ready to buy a new more efficient car? We hear you. But you can still make your current ride greener and save some cash. Here are five easy ways to improve fuel economy and save money.

1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated tires kill gas mileage. Get yourself a decent tire gauge. Accutire makes a number of digital gauges that makes it easy to check your tires. Another option – ask your mechanic to fill the tires with 100% nitrogen. Your tires will stay inflated longer with nitrogen, reducing the number of trips you need to refill your tires with regular air.

2. Fuel additives can help clean your engine, boost your mileage and reduce emissions by lowering the fuel combustion temperature in your engine. The fuel is burned more completely which improves the performance and mileage of your car. Try Motorsilk fuel additive and jump start your fuel savings.

3. Replace your air filter and improve the mileage and performance of your car. Increased air-flow in the engine allows for a more complete fuel burn in the engine by introducing more oxygen into the combustion chamber. Even better are permanent air filters such as those from GreenFilterUSA. When they get dirty, they can be easily removed and cleaned. Why is this better for the environment? Less materials are needed to manufacture permanent versus disposable filters, less waste goes to the landfill and your car gets better gas mileage.

4. Dashboard monitoring devices give you real-time information about your driving habits and fuel efficiency. The PLX Kiwi device monitors your driving habits and calculates your efficiency over four parameters and gives you an instant “Kiwi Score” between 1-100. The higher the score, the better. You can also view your instant and average MPG, identify engine trouble when your check engine light turns on and get a summary at the end of a trip telling you gallons used, dollars spent and dollars saved. It is estimated that these devices can save you up to 33% on fuel consumption which adds up to hundreds of dollars in gas savings each year.

5. Gotta truck? An easy way to improve your mileage is to cover your truck bed. The TruXedo tonneau cover improves your truck’s mileage by reducing drag. It’s easily removable when the truck bed is needed.

There you have it. Five simple and relatively inexpensive ways to make your car a little greener, reduce emissions and save you money.

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